Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers the you the non-refundable trip costs in case your trip is cancelled due to covered reason. It reimburses the traveller for his insured pre-paid trip. Usually, the covered reason for a trip cancellation may be due to any of the given reasons:

  • Sickness or accidental injury
  • Natural disasters or weather events
  • Bankruptcy of the travel company
  • Attacks by terrorists
  • …and many other reasons that are enlisted in the insurance policy

Travel insurance policy is becoming increasingly popular over the years due to rapid globalization and increased travelling experiences of people. Besides trip cancellation coverage, it also provides you coverage for the loss of your baggage. This coverage consists a part of your travel insurance. You will receive a particular amount for every single item you had in the baggage.

In case of medical emergencies, your travel insurance becomes extremely important. When you fall sick or get injured, by chance, your travel insurance covers the costs of your medical treatment.

In this era of post-Covid pandemic, it is now mandatory in most of the countries that you must have your valid travel insurance. Otherwise, you may deny entry at the airport.

Travel insuranceisnot so expensive, as the risks of a single trip is quite negligible. Thus,when travellers are buying a travel insurance policyonline, thepriceis kept at a very lower level.

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