About Us

RP is a Financial/Insurance advisor based in Surrey BC Canada. The moment you hire us, you start reaping the benefits from our professional experience in the field. We have an in-depth knowledge about the market and industry. It is our full-time job to provide you with the right kinds of policies that meet your demand. RP not only explains the complex details of insurance policies, but we also help you buying a suitable plan. RP is in fact, the most customer friendly and popular insurance advisor in Surrey.

When we get to know the personal and financial details of you, we find out your needs and requirements. These requirements further help us to find out the right insurance product for you. We expose you to the Insurance policies that are goal-oriented. We advise you to buy the products that meet your financial goal. For instance, if you want financial stability, term insurance proves to be ideal for you. You are benefited from the product only when it is matched with your needs.

In the process, it not only helps you accumulate your wealth, but we also grow step by step. As we are exposed to the market all the time, we gather a lot of experience in the due process. We tend to use the experience to give you profit.

Our job does not end once we help you purchase the right insurance policy. We stay in constant touch with you to give you clarity on any matter related to the policy you just bought or willing to buy. This helps us get feedback. Thus, we grow again

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