Health and Dental Insurance

A health insurance policy covers the medical expenses when you fall ill. This generally include the hospitalisation cost, medicines and doctor’s visit and others. The premiums are flexible. They are decided on the basis of your age and health risks. Whenever you or your dear ones fall ill, you turn towards your savings fund. It is at this very time when a health insurance come into play to save you without much affecting your financial health.

Today, the medical expenses in the country are increasing due to market inflation. The treatment cost of some illness like heart disease, kidney disease or cancer are huge. You never know when you fall ill. A good health insurance policy may help you get some treatment at any hospital without caring much about the medical cost.

Dental insurance gives you coverage against any kinds of dental ailment. Regular dental check-ups and maintenance are critical for a health mouth. Sometimes dental ailment costs you much if it goes unnoticed. So, a dental insurance policy help you cover the preventive expenses at very little or no additional cost. Even with proper preventive measures, major dental ailments arise. If you have dental insurance then you are protected and all your dental issues are taken care of.

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