Super Visa Insurance

It is known to us that some permanent residents settled in here as immigrants. Some of them got the citizenship. As they begin their life here, they often want their close ones to join them here also. The federal government has multiple programs to help them. Super visa is one such program. It allows them to stay here for longer periods than a normal tourist visa would allow them to stay. It is available for the permanent residents of Canada and their relatives.For example, a normal tourist visa allows one to stay in the country for 6 months. On the other hand, a super visa allows them to stay as long as 5 years. Moreover, there is a provision for a 2-year extended live also. The validity of a super visa is usually for 10 years.Super visa insurance has to cover many other things, such as, health care and hospitalization.

Many alterations have been made in the rules and regulations of Super visa as of 4th July 2022. The government made it mandatory that a super visa insurance be bought from a Canadian insurance company only.

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