Disability insurance

Disability insurance is not often talked about. But it is probably the most important insurance that you should have. We all talk about car insurance, home insurance and even life insurance. But we somehow fail to acknowledge the need of a disability insurance in our life.

A disability insurance covers you against your loss of income due to some sudden disability. An accident or a disease is often unforeseen. But if it happens and makes you disable to a certain extent, disability insurance policy can financially protect you and your family.

One of the good aspects of this policy is that it also covers your medical expenses of therapy and treatment.

There are two types of disability insurance. (1) short-term disability insurance (2) long-term disability insurance

The short-term disability insurance protects you for a limited time period only. Whereas, long-term disability insurance is a permanent one and covers you against critical illness and employment loss due to disability.Generally, a weekly or monthly benefit is provided in cases of disability. Also, a certain percentage of the sum is paid to the insured person in case of accidental disability. There are also some provisions of premium waiver as a part of the coverage.

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