Long Term Care insurance

Long-term care insurance is a kind of insurance that helps you pay for the long-term medical cares. It is generally not covered under health insurance. Long-term care insurance policy is very popular in USA, UK and Canada.

As the average living years of an individual is increasing, long-term care is becoming unavoidable. Long-term insurance can cover many things such as, living assistance, respite care, cost of the nursing care, Alzheimer’s care etc.

Most importantly, premiums that you have to pay on the long-term insurance are generally free of income tax deductions. Private long-term care insurance is gaining popularity because its demand had highly risen.

Under, Long-term care insurance policy you normally get two kinds of protections. In one case,

your premiums are returned to your estate on your demise. And on the other case, your policy grows at a fixed rate of return, thus helping you stay protected against market inflation.

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