Critical Illness Insurance

We never know when a serious health issue will occur to us. It comes so unexpectedly. Here the critical illness insurance becomes very necessary that can save you. It provides extensive coverage against specific diseases. You may have to visit the hospital multiple times in order to cure the disease. A good thig about critical illness insurance policy is that besides the hospitalization cost, it covers the doctors’ visit and medical expenses also.With the rising cost of healthcare, critical illness insurance provides you some relief by a lump sum pay-out in addition to any of your Mediclaim. Also, if you have any loan outstanding, the pay-out might help you paying the EMIs. Moreover, the critical illness insurance provides you a ring fund at right moment – at the very moment of your need.

The critical illnessinsurance pay-out is only applicable when you are critically ill. It means only when the doctor confirms your illness to be ‘critical’. It may seem to a disadvantage of this scheme. But it can be a blessing in the hour of your utmost need.

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