Life Insurance

A life insurance is a fund that secures you and your family financially. Life insurance policy helps you achieve your financial goals by building a corpus with a life time coverage. Life insurance plans help protect your Family & Assets if you die Just Imagine if you die tomorrow will your family suffer if your income stops all of a sudden ,We think that nothing will happen to us and we will live very long ? We as Individual cannot play with our families Future without having a proper Insurance ,Mortgage has to be paid Bills has to be paid, Education for your children  other Payment adds up so protect now Before its too late and its a great way to Great way to leave a great wealth to next generation  


Critical Illness Insurance

We never know when a serious health issue will occur to us. It comes so unexpectedly. Here the critical illness insurance becomes very necessary that can save you from Financial burden 


You can protect yourself against the financial impact of a serious condition with critical insurance .Its pays a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of a covered medical condition .Individuals must typically survive the condition for 30 days to qualify for a claim .The entire amount insured is paid out in a single lump sum and the policy then the policy expires 

*Heart Attack *Cancer *Stroke *Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery *Multiple Sclerosis *Alzheimer’s *Parkinson’s*Motor Neuron Disease*Major Organ Transplant *Renal Kidney Failure *Paralysis*Coma*Blindness*Deafness*Loss of Speech*Sever Burns*Loss of  Limbs*Occupation HIV*Benign Brain Tumour *Aortic Surgery*Heart Valve Replacement*Loss of Independent Existence                      Return of Premium on Death and Expire are Available on many Policies. These entitle the policyholder to a full or partial refund of premiums paid, either at death or when the policy is cancelled /matures


Disability insurance

Disability insurance is not often talked about. But it is probably the most important insurance that you should have. We all talk about car insurance, home insurance and even life insurance , What’s your Greatest Assets ? Home and your Vehicles are Among the most common answer we Hear “yet your Earning power” has the biggest impact on your Financial health . Your Home and Vehicles are insured ,but what about your earning power For More Information

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage is a type of loan for the purchase or maintain of any real-estate. At the very outset, it needs to be clear that a mortgage insurance protects the lender, not you.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is a kind of insurance that helps you pay for the long-term medical cares. It is generally not covered under health insurance.

Estate Planing Insuarance

Your estate consists of the property you own. The size of your estate may be big or small. Estate planning can be beneficial for your Estate .Over the Years you’ve accumulated an estate consisting of registered saving ,non registered savings, property, maybe even business .And when you pass ,you want to make sure that your family or a favourite  charity receive as much of your estate as possible .Smart thinking!

However, The Reality is that if you don’t structure your  estate effectively ,much of it could end up in the hands of the government as taxes or distributed to heirs in a way contrary to your wishes So how can you prevent your estate from being distributed incorrectly ? Proper Estate Planning

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